100 years after the actual Series the villages are still full of life but something has awoken again.
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 Alias Rules

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PostSubject: Alias Rules   Tue Mar 16, 2010 4:04 pm

1. ok custom rules are acceptable for all ranks; however, if they include the word death, demon, angel you must be S Rank to use such an alias.

2. There are some Aliases that still can be used for many ranks

Konoha Aliases-

Knuckle Headed Ninja-Gennin-S Rank

The Prophet-Jounin

Pervy Sage- S-Rank

The Copy Ninja- S Rank

Leaf Villages Burning Lotus Flower- Chuunin

Suna Alliases-

The Demon Holder- Jounin

Sand Bearer- Gennin-S-Rank

(More to come)

3. If the alias is innapropriate the admin will give you another chance at it if not an admin will give you the alias of Banned Alias...which will be put among your rank above your avitar.
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Alias Rules
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